At Northwest Home Performance Solutions, we use an air duct sealing process through AeroBarrier that is proven to seal any leaks or gaps in your home's ductwork.

The patented technology created by Aeroseal connects to your home by using a modified blower to pressurize and distribute the sealing formula.

With AeroBarrier, our team of professionals will apply the pressure to carry a non-toxic, water-based formula throughout your air ducts and effectively seal any leak by using the same air that is leaking out of your Hood River, OR, home. This process is trusted to find any leak point, whether it is visible or not.

Have peace of mind monitoring the seal and seeing real-time result. You’ll even get a certificate of completion showing the before and after results.

Benefits of the AeroBarrier Process

  • The air sealing system can seal all leaks ranging in width of a human hair up to one-half inch
  • The certified waterborne acrylic seal is self-guided, so it will follow the edges of leaks to create a seal
  • Get real-time updates while the single-point blower door test software measures leakages, allowing our technicians to dial in specific requirements and guarantee the results.

AeroBarrier guarantees the results in just four simple steps:

  1. Prepping the area to cover any openings that will not be sealed.
  2. After installing the blower door to pressurize the space, a computerized system then takes over the rest of the process.
  3. The technology monitors and provides real-time results of the temperature, pressure, humidity, and distribution of the sealant.
  4. Once the equipment and coverings are removed, the remaining construction work can resume in as little as 30 minutes of the sealed area.

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Give our team at Northwest Home Performance Solutions a call at 541-387-3311 if you suspect a leak in your ductwork. You can also request service online if you need a professional evaluation of your home's air ducts. We will be happy to conduct a thorough search for any leaking air, and walk through the AeroBarrier process with you.

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